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Sunday, November 05, 2006


Today my husband and I went to the city to cheer on a friend of ours who ran the NYC marathon. It was a lovely fall day - crisp and cool and intermittenly sunny. The city was crazy crowded, with several streets and bridges closed and cross-park traffic severely hampered by cordoned off pedestrian paths two people wide. Here's a view of the finishers wrapped in their sponser tarps and staggering towards their designated family reunion areas.

And here's a picture of my latest FO. It's the pooling colors scarf from one of the interweave knits issues made from Schaefer Anne. It only took me two years to complete. Or more precisely, the knitting was completed in one week two summers ago and the two long neglected yarn ends were finally woven in yesterday in 3 minutes flat.

I'm horrible when it comes to completing stuff. I almost always end up running out of steam after the main knitting is done. After that there are several rate limiting steps that clog up the progress. The first is blocking - I hate the whole process of wetting and pinning out the individual pieces, making sure they match the desired dimensions without too much scalloping action. The second is seaming. But the most loathed step of all is weaving in yarn ends. Looking at the tangle of ends makes me want to shove a nearly complete project to the bottom of the stash box. Several things reside there now, but this scarf is happily no longer one of them! I find that ever since I started my gig as a sample knitter for the LYS, I've become much more conscientious about finishing projects.


Blogger Zarah said...

Did you see Lance Armstrong? I'm pretty sure he was running the marathon. I love your scarf, it looks really cute on you! Did it really have lots of ends?

4:49 AM  
Blogger kylieps said...

Haha Connie!
I have found you! Nice blog. And the scarf is so great that I went home and started it right away. I thought, "oh I'll just do a different lace pattern..." and stayed up half the night trying them out. Turns out you can't use one that you purl every other row, because that uses more yarn than the lace does. It was a very interesting little exercise and I might just resurrect my blog to show you how it's going.
Hope to see you soon!

7:41 AM  

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