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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Pictures of the baby sweater sample.

Here is a picture of the yarn used. I love the colors together. The yarn shop owner has such good taste when it comes to which colors work well together. It's a tricky talent. I can't visualize the blending in my mind, but those who are adept at it can create such lovely palettes and art with fiber.

And here is a picture of the sweater in progress. In the background is something from my day job ;)

Finally, a picture of the finished product:

The button bands are a little pinched; the pattern has you sewing them on separately and instructs you to knit the bands a little shorter than the sweater length. I think I may have overdone that part, but hopefully a good blocking will sort it all out.


Blogger moschop2 said...

connie, the sweater is fabulous! I actually think it looks better without the buillon stitches (are they also called French knots?). I'm still in awe of your speed knitting...

how's maurizio's sweater coming along? Perhaps I shouldn't mention this and cause you more guilt (;

2:37 PM  

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