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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Played hooky today from work. I went to work in the morning, but took off at noon to go to NYC to meet a friend for a day of yarn shop hopping. I had just introduced this friend to knitting and she was eager to explore the many textures and colors out there. We went to School Products (where I managed to steel my resolve and not purchase an incredible skein of handdyed lace-weight cashmere), Habu, Yarn Connection, Knit 321, String and Yarn Co.

My friend didn't escape unscathed. Here's a basket of luscious bamboo yarn she scooped up at Habu.

After our yarn fest, we rested our feet and satiated our appetites with dessert at Lady M Cake Boutique - an adorable cafe on the Upper East side. Their cakes are delectable enough, but the method of their display - lined up like glittering jewels behind a viewing glass countertop - makes them even more irrestible

Everything in the cafe - including the uniforms of the waitresses - are in monochromatic black and white tones, down to the flower arrangements and restrooms.


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