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Monday, December 31, 2007

Sensual Knits Errata

It's just come to my attention from a vigilant knitter bthat there are quite a few errors in the charts for both my lace panel camisole and lace panel cardigan in Sensual Knits. I've emailed Yahaira about it so that she can include it in her list of errata from the book, but I'll post my original charts too - which seem to be correct. I guess when it came to printing them, a few typos were introduced - mostly left out ssk's and k2tog's. I'll also link this errata page to my left sidebar for easy access. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Thanks!

The Lace Camisole chart (in the book, the errors are on rows 1,3, and 19):

The Lace Cardigan chart for sizes 32" and 34":

And the Lace Cardigan chart for the remaining sizes:

Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Spiders Holiday Party

See that shiny new button on the right sidebar there? I'm officially a Spider (don't know if it's capitalized or not) now. The Spiders are a group of great NYC (and surrounding areas) knitters who meet regularly to share their obsessive love of the craft. And they're really a talented bunch - each artistic in her own way - and horrible enablers. Between Ravelry and them, I'm finding it hard keeping my projects and stash in check! Among the possibilities are theAnemoi Mittens that Jess made out of 2 strands of laceweight cashmere yarn, the Joie de Vivre cardigan Veronique made for Sensual Knits, the Le Slouches popping up here and there, Cathy's lovely Hourglass sweater and many many more must-have knits. These ladies are really really prolific; they seem to have different projects on the needles every time I see them!

The Holiday party was hosted by Jess and Veronique in the prettiest apartment ever which they decorated with an environmentally friendly faux tree and plenty of holiday cheer.

There was a secret santa gift exchange and Cathy not only got me beautiful Shibui sock yarn in a deep, vibrant teal, but also made me one of her super adorable and functional knitting cubes. I've been eying her shop for ages, waiting for the perfect fabric to pounce on, but she managed to very coyly draw out my pattern preferences at the Spiders meet up the night before and this is the result:

Of course, the next day, I found another cube in her shop that I had to have. I guess you can never have too many. They're perfect for socks or for that manageable sweater piece.

Thanks so much, Cathy!